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Defence Lab Street Dynamics

Defence Lab Sierra Vista is a realistic martial arts training center that teaches cutting edge self defense skills to Civilians, Security and Law Enforcement. The Defence Lab Sierra Vista is the West Coast USA Headquarters.

Defence Lab Street Dynamics is one of the fastest New Realistic Martial Arts Training Systems on the on the planet. Get in shape and have fun while training in useful realistic Self Protection skills. Defence Lab Sierra Vista is headed by Phase 5 Black Grade Instructor Tony Torres

Street Dynamics Program (or SDX for short) is our cutting edge Street Self Defence Program. This Program specializes in Realistic Training for the street where multiple opponents and opponents with weapons are a common reality.

The tactics and techniques are centered around this reality with “layered stress” during training and instinctual reflex reaction in unscripted Self Defence situations being the goals.

Our LawForce Program is designed for Law Enforcement or Security Professionals and uses the same techniques and tactics from our Street Dynamics Program but with the “Use of Force Continuum” that a Law Enforcement or Security Professional is obliged to follow in the performance of his job.

DnR (Dekem N' Rekem) Program

This program offers unique tactics, drills and strategies that help you destroy your opponent in stand-up, overwhelm him in the clinch or against the cage, and shut down his ground game. Whether you want to be a fighter or just train like one the DnR program will give you the means to achieve your goals!!

Defence Lab Stealth Weapons

The Defence Lab Stealth Weapons program will enable you with the understanding that you ar never unarmed. Any and all of the objects that you carry or use on a daily basis can be turned into a fighting advantage with the proper training.

Learn how to effectively use every day objects to defend yourself and even the odds when confronted by larger and more violent attackers.

Call 520-236-2436 or email us at functional.edge@gmail.com for more information.