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Functional Edge Staff

Head Coach Tony Torres

Head Coach Tony TorresFounder and Chief Instructor of Functional Edge MMA. He has spent the past 35 years researching, training in and teaching martial arts, combatives, self-defense, and defensive tactics to civilians, Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Personnel. He has also dedicated his life to deep investigation of how real violence happens; it’s causes and effects, as well as how to effectively and efficiently deal with violent confrontations.

Coach Torres honed his skills as a martial arts and defensive tactics instructor during his 9 years of honorable service in the US Navy and his 13 year career as a decorated Master Police Officer in the City of Virginia Beach.

Always glad to share his vast knowledge of human violent interactions and his extensive experience in coaching and training athletes, police officers, soldiers and civilians, Coach Torres’ focus is always on the student and their ability to progress and improve in their Martial Arts Journey.