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Long Distance Training

The truth of the matter is there is nothing like coming to class on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter is there are only a handful of Defence Lab Schools in the United States and only one in Arizona: Functional Edge MMA.

We realize it’s not possible for those wanting to learn Defence Lab who live outside of the Sierra Vista area to come train with us on a daily basis. That’s why we offer the Long Distance Learning Program for individuals who wish to make grade within Defence Lab and continue along the Defence Lab learning path. Similar to other martial art belt systems, the student will test for each new grade, moving through Defence Lab and mastering this modern martial art. This program covers four months of videos and four 8-hour days at our training facility, at the end of which the student will test for the next grade.

Here’s how it works:
The student travels to our facility in Sierra Vista, AZ during a Saturday or Sunday and spends one day training with Chief Instructor Torres in which the student learns the material to be covered for the next four weeks. The student will also be given four weeks of videos and PDFs to help him in his practice. The student returns home and practices the material and schedules another lesson at the end of the four weeks.

This process is repeated until the student has completed all 16 weeks (four months) of the Defence Lab White Grade (or appropriate level) curriculum at which time they will be tested formally. Upon passing the test, the student will receive formal ranking in Defence Lab.

Students in the Long Distance Learning Program also receive the following:

The cost of the Long Distance Learning Program is only $640.00 per four-month block.

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