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Personal Protection

The Functional Edge System is a practical method of self defense based on natural body movement and our innate responses to dangerous circumstances.

It was developed by Coach Tony Torres after over 35 years of practicing, training,and teaching conventional martial arts, combat sports and self-protection to civilians and defensive tactics and combatives to Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Mr Torres also used his extensive personal experiences as a police officer, member of the armed forces and as a dignitary protection specialist in Iraq, while researching how real violence occurs at all levels of interaction; from predatory attacks to hierarchical combat and posturing, to territorial assaults.

This led to the development of a comprehensive training methodology that will prepare the trainee to deal with all areas violent confrontations, altercations or attacks.

The Functional Edge System Teaches

  1. Counter Assault Strategies
  2. Protection Against Common Street Attacks
  3. Dealing With Verbal Confrontations
  4. Understanding Fear Reactivity
  5. Ground Fighting
  6. Armed Assaults
  7. Surviving Multiple Opponents

The Functional Edge System also has specialty courses for Law Enforcement and Military Units. Please call 520-236-2436 or email us at functional.edge@gmail.com for more information.

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