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Functional Edge - Testimonials

"When Tony Torres delivered training for us here at our event in 2008, many of the attendees came to me afterward to express their appreciation for the clarity and experience he brought to the course. They particularly enjoyed his succinct and practical answers to their questions about personal defence tactics.

Over 5 years of attending workshops and seminars led by Tony Torres, I have found that his expertise and coaching ability is of the highest standard. He has an ability to structure training in a progressive way, explaining his cast-iron reasoning thoroughly as he goes. Tony’s knowledge is tempered by real experience in a number of occupational use-of-force roles and has deeply impacted the way I train and teach personal protection.

We wish him continuing success in his endeavour to bring excellent training to his students."

Gerard O’Dea
Director and Principal Trainer
Dynamis Insight :: Dynamis Gym :: Restraint4Security.co.uk

"Coach Tony Torres is one of the most considerate coaches and martial artist that I have been taught by. His vast knowledge base and in depth understanding of combatives and martial arts in general allows him to curtail the information to meet the needs of each individual student's goals.

His attention to detail when coaching is what made me better able to assimilate the information being taught which in turn gave me the confidence to pass the information onto my own students. To me that is the definition of a coach, to be able to impart information in a way that it is usable, accurate and can be replicated."

Dana Arcuri
Martial Artist, Fitness Trainer, Personal Safety Coach

"As a lifelong fan of fighting, martial arts and an employee of Blauer Tactical Systems from 2003-2010, I've had the opportunity to help organize and attend dozens of law enforcement, military and personal defence classes, lectures, conferences and seminars taught by the world's most respected and trusted instructors from the likes of Tony Blauer to Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman to Rob Pincus.

So it's from experience that I can tell you that Tony Torres is one of the preeminent trainers in his field. His combined 35 years of training, military, police and private military contractor experience give Tony the ability to command the respect of his students and capture their attention to a degree that is unparalleled.

I'll go on record as saying that his new company & system, Functional Edge Combat Sports & Fitness, will be an unbridled success. I'm pleased to be professionally affiliated with him and to personally be able to call him a friend."

Marc Joseph